Lake King – Western Australia’s best kept secret

I am back in Perth after spending 24 hours in Lake King, a town located in Western Australia’s outback.  

Normally I would be able to describe a weekend (or more accurate a day) in a few phrases but now I don’t even know where to begin to do this trip justice. However –  I will do my best.

So there we were 5 girls, early Saturday morning, leaving the “big” city Perth to travel 4 hours to Lake King. Or that’s what we thought. Renee was the only one who had contemplated that a map could be useful. So she had painted a map.

We agreed upon that when going somewhere, the road trip is more than 50% of the fun. And we did have a great road trip singing along to all kinds of songs and thoroughly discussing all important topics in life such as love, sex and foreign policy.

We stopped at the few gas stations we passed to buy somethin (anything) and to act as if we had arrived in another country with a very different culture. Questions such as “How many people live here?”, “Do you have a school?” were asked to the staff in slow, articulate English while we nodded insightfully to their answers. (Replied in quick, perfect English: “Over 1500.” “Of course we have a school.”)

We found a peculiar sign (see below) accusing a fox for the crime of murdering and slaughtering amongst other really bad things!!! The choice of words and three exclamation marks made us speechless so we decided to document it.


 Well in Lake King 7 hours after starting point a sign welcomed us with the slogan “Lake King – Western Australia’s best kept secret”.  This together with the fact that no one had phone reception led ones thought to all those horror movies of young people going out on road trips, happy unknowingly what is ahead of them. Why is Lake King kept a secret?

We went into the pub which is located by a gas station (=this constitutes the secret town) to make a phone call to Åsa whose phone was off. Since they all know each other in this town the bartender could give us a precise road description to Åsa’s house. “5-10 k’s after the red lights (my note: the first ones for 3 hours) and then right where the fences are white.”

When we came to the house it was deserted. 2 dogs in a cage barking, flies attacking us and a huge spider lurking in his net by the fence. Sanna warned me that those hairy spiders jump towards your face if they feel threatened. My gut feeling got worse when we got to their door step and I almost whispered:

“Something is wrong guys. Those are kids’ shoes. I don’t know what is going on.” The horror movie scenario got stronger.

Then a car rolled up the drive way, and through the dusty air out of the car jumped Little Åsa, all happy and shiny.  How could I have forgotten that she has the tiniest feet in the world? 

See photo above for “Big” Åsa praying on the ground.

Happiness! The barking dogs got released from their cage and it came to our understanding that they are in fact sheep dogs. Michael told us to jump on the trunk of his car to go and see some of their 3000 sheep.  So there we sat, 6 girls on the trunk, sipping beer in the sunshine with beautiful sheep dogs. Dusty air flying around us on this bumpy road trip, still all of us laughing and having fun.

Horror movie turned beer commercial.

After downing a whole bottle of Zubrowka, probably the best vodka in the world, we went out for dinner at the one place you can go out to: the Pub.

The pub is the center of Lake King.  There’s just no other options in this case – so the pub is da place to be. Below a photo of Renee and the Jukebox, which our girl group was ruling in a dictatorship manner.

We spent a night living like men. You would find us either in the bar ordering booze or playing games. Not love games. Fussball, pool and dart. The whole night.  The pub closed in the middle of my last dart game which by then was getting fiercely.

We headed to Åsa’s house after the game/party night, and she announced she had told someone she was having an after party. After 5 minutes one car rolled up by her house. Then 2, 3, 4, 5, SIX cars full of people. Literally the whole town, who had been on the pub, showed up to the after party.

It was one of those wild after party’s where:

1.Someone in my group gets so into Wee tennis so she swings two wine glasses in the wall in her tennis swing.

2. Someone in my group tricks a thirsty girl in the town that it is water in my plastic bottle of vodka.

 3. I consider to chase one guy, who is highly annoying, out of the house with a fire stick.

4. The guys in the town puts toilet paper on fire in the garden.

It was a wild night in Lake King: Western Australia’s best kept secret.

On the way back no one longer agreed to the fun-ness of a road trip. We were a bunch of hung over girls, feeling like ship wrecks with a minimum of 6 hours road trip in front of us. The girl talk was swapped to silence and the music was swapped to pod casts on the subject of tragic real life stories. 

But those 24 hours in Lake King will never be forgotten.  

Above picture: Lotty chasing sheep.

Little Åsa: please write a book about your life. PLEASE. I put my order in now for a signed version of it.  

(Pictures from: and my camera)


One Response to “Lake King – Western Australia’s best kept secret”

  1. Hahaha what a trip!!! Wish I would have been there, sounds amazing! But poor fox… 🙂 xxxx Camilla

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