Boxing, Bieber & Bilar

This week has been a journey in a spinning wheel. I hardly know if I am human being or robot anymore. Not only does it feel as if I have aged this week, other signs are out there to confirm the getting older has taken place:

1. I am not familiar with sleeping in anymore. Waking up after 8am makes me feel guilty.

2. I have said following sentence out loud “I feel that the hours of the day just aren’t enough” one too many times.

Why this negativity? I have been studying for the final exam in the Stockmarket tomorrow. I am not going to bore you; instead I will share the only amusing thing about the share market in Sweden.

Call- (köp) and put- (sälj) options are monthly organized with a letter. Call options will get the letter A-L and put options will get the letter M-X. Each letter has a name: A’s name is Adam. Adam means Call option with the end month of January.  Each name has a nick name. The nick name of the put options’ V and W are: VODKA and WHISKY.

Does this not want you want to attend an old fashioned option auction, slightly intoxicated, and scream out “I want to buy 10 units of VODKA and 500 units of WHISKY!!!” Haha.

What else is new?

Well I have had a haircut. Since I don’t have any photo evidence of this new hairdo I will show a picture of Justin Bieber for you to get the picture of what I look like. So part from spending a week in hell, this sequence of my life has been experienced to the tunes of “Baby, Baby, Baby” by Mr. (or Master?) Bieber performed by my dear partner.  

My younger sister Sanna is boxing with a former Swedish boxing champion: Paolo Roberto. Paolo is the gangster – went good guy – went actor/TV-host – went politician. He’s known for this legendary character journey and the character played in the cult movie Stockholm Night. Sanna has been texting me about this for weeks, never responding to my repeated question “Why?”  


I told her to mumble following movie lines from Stockholm Night where Paulo plays a gangster (himself?) while boxing “Something to bite in…” and “Mind your own business you old hag!”

Lost in translation of the week.

R and I went to IKEA to buy one piece of furniture and lots of candy. The candy cars at IKEA are exclusively worth going all the way out there for. I held one car in front of R, theatrically saying “There is only one way to stop them. [Dramatic pause] In your mouth.” R looked at me with the typical ‘my girlfriend is a lunatic’-look, without even trying to understand what I was saying.  

Minutes after, I started laughing (lunatic manner confirmed). “I mean that the only way you can put them is in your mouth. In Swedish put can be “stoppa”. Like stop you know. Makes sense hey?”

I look like Justin Bieber.  Usher is in Australia. This makes the logical choice of weekend song “Somebody to love” with Justin Bieber and Usher. This You Tube clip has been watched over 143 million times:

 (Pictures from:,,,,,


4 Responses to “Boxing, Bieber & Bilar”

  1. Camilla Says:

    Va?!? Har du klippt dig så kort? Vad coolt!! Och snyggt! Lägg upp foto fort som attan! kraam

    • Haha…jag tänkte säga Aldrig. Men ok, jag lägger upp kort efter Singapore resan. Nu är det dock en mix mellan Bieber och kärringfrisyr. Så ännu värre! PUSS

  2. Camilla Says:

    Här får man för att man läser din blogg! Nada svar asså! 🙂

    • Förlåt! USCH vad jag känner mig dålig! nr1. är min blogg kanske världens sämst uppdaterade. nr.2. svarar jag inte ens på min bästa kompis kommentarer. Fy för mig! Skärpning. Snälla fortsätt läsa bloggen. Jag lovar att bli bättre:) Puss

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