Lotty going to Singapore

Not only am I a bad blogger with one of the least updated blogs in the blogosphere.

I am also a bad friend. My best friend and loyal reader of my blog has posted 3 comments the last week. It took me about a week to reply to those.

So here I am, super stressed before our Singapore weekend, ignoring my boyfriend begging me to help him pack – to do 2 things:

1. Post 1 blog post before I go to Singapore. 2. Be a good friend and reply to comments posted on my blog.

I also, to be an even better blogger and friend, promise to put up photos of myself in next blog post. At this stage my hairdo has become a mix of Justin Bieber and something an old lady would choose a a hairstyle. 

Have a great weekend everyone! This weekend’s song is Rumors by Lindsay Lohan (only reason of choice that I had no idea she was also a singer! Multitalented = actress/drug&alcohol addict/singer).



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