Sensational Singapore

How was my 2 day itinerary in Singapore? Expensive. Exhausting. And totally Exhilarating.


Being in Singapore is like being a kid in a candy store. First you get overly excited, then high on the pleasure it brings you, and finally you end up feeling sick of it. After two days you have had it with:

1. Starbucks (“let’s put loads of artificial flavours, sugar and milk in the mugs so that the customers can’t taste the poor quality of the coffee”)

2. Prada staff (“only force a smile on your face for and say hi to the customers spending a minimum of $1000”)

3. Orchard Road – Shopping Overload. As a rushed love affair, you fall in love as quick as you fall out of it.


Orchard Road is however the hub for galleries, boutiques and eateries. If you want a tailor made suit, shirt or dress you will find it here. If you are craving for culinary delights you will find it here. If you just need to munge on any of the cup cakes in the Angry Bird series you will find the opportunity to do so here.

The road is dynamic, colorful and eccentric. I found the perfect bag for my laptop at Marc by Marc Jacobs and a pair of shoes to die for at Jimmy Choo. I departed both stores empty handed with a broken heart. I assured my partner that if I was rich, I would for sure look as good as Miranda Kerr or Sienna Miller. I am one design conscious girl, just one lacking the liquidity. Good excuse, hey? 😉

Singapore is like a pot of traditionalism mixed with futurism. Moments occurred when I thought “Wow, this is what the future city will look like.” Cable cars taking us from Singapore to the nearby island Sentosa might be the transport system the future holds in hand. Us driving downhills in mini cars at the same Sentosa island just to get to the beach. Like being in the Back to the Future movie.


My picks of the trip:

Shopping: Charles & Keith. Like my friend Rhianna said before the trip “Girlfriend, do yourself the favour and visit Charles & Keith.” As I entered the store, I entered a paradise of shoes and bags. At bargain prices!

Bakery: Designer Bakes. Even if you do not buy the cup cakes, the pure existence of them will fill you with happiness. Super Mario Bro’s and Angry Birds as cup cakes = genius!

Bars: Pricewise it hurts in the wallet, but C Clinic is such a cool bar in Clarke Quay. The bartenders are dressed as doctors and nurses on the duty to make sure all “patients” drink enough. Another bar for the sassy and hip crowd (not sure if we were hip enough though) is Le Noir. When sharing a sheesha (love pronouncing that word!) in the harbor, we noticed a skyhigh bar, which we decided to find our way to. It is called Helipad and is well worth a visit due to the spectacular view.


As spectacular, cool and sassy as those bars is this weekend’s song, Last Night with Ian Carey, Snoop Dogg & Bobby Anthony:


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