Bieber Hot & Prince William Sweating like a Dogg

During Easter Break I did a lot of things but eating traditional Easter food or attending church. I did however contemplate why Australians call it Good Friday while Swedes call it Long Friday. Jesus died a long death, – hence Long Friday. But why Good Friday?

Riley’s birthday is occuring during Easter so a lot of focus was on him. I focused on singing Happy Birthday over and over again, to his lack of delight.  

The birthday was celebrated at Brad’s place. Brad had rented a spa. That’s just Brad. Brad said he had spent 16 hours in the spa during Good Friday. Which sounds like a religious statement of forcing pain on yourself. Or just Brad. SEO “Brad”….:)

Later on during the same party, a stunning girl came up to me and briefly stroke my hair. 

Girl: It’s too short.  (Comment followed by a swap-side of her Hollywood mane. You know the Shampoo-commercial style)

Lotty: I can’t have it as long as yours. It’s too thin, it’ll break.  (I have never been good at defending myself)

Girl: Have you heard about hair extensions? It’s great.  (The throw with the hair again)

Lotty: You’re right. I should use hair extensions.  (Or just realise I’m not 21 anymore)

During Easter my niece told me that a movie with Justin Bieber is out on the cinemas. She enlightened me not only of the fact that he is sexy and hot. She also stated that I will define his looks in those terms after watching the movie.


Hence I decided not to take the risk of ever seeing that movie. What did make me happy though is the logic it runs out in:

“Justin Bieber is considered sexy and hot.”

“My hair  looks like Justin Bieber’s hair.”

“Hence, my hair style is hot.” Ha, stunning-girl-at-the-party!

Tonight or more accurately today (in London time) Prince William and “Katherine-Kate” are getting married. Therefor I have chosen “Sweat” by Snoop Dogg and David Guetta as this weekend’s song. This song was produced for Prince William:

The outfit of the Easter week was found at Windsor, spotted by me and Sarah. A man well over 40 rocked his (spider)socks off in below outfit:

(Pictures from:,


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