I’m an Angry Bird over 20

Last week has been full of exams and final assignments at Uni. That makes me feel like this angry bird that I spotted on the brewery Little Creatures.

I feel even more like this bird, when I think about Linda’s departure from Perth last Monday. We spent the Sunday before that at Little Creatures, my favorite spot in Perth. Easy choice as they:

  1. Serve thin chips with crispy skin
  2. Manage to make fantastic aioli that even “I HATE Mayo”-Lotty loves
  3. Their beer will astound even the strictest wine drinker

Linda is one of those great people you meet who leaves a foot print in your life and in your heart.

She is the one that I dug up a pot flower with from Hay Street and then planted it again on Murray Street.  Guess that our contribution in making city of Perth more attractive is moving pot flowers on the shopping streets.

We share an interest of partying in a memorable manner as above and below photos demonstrate.

We are also crap at skipping nightclub lines. One example from an attempt at Tiger Lil’s nightclub.

Lotty (addressing bouncer): We’re under Andrew on the guest list.

Bouncer: Nope. No Andrew on the list.

Linda:  Sorry, she meant Arthur.

Bouncer: Nope, no Arthur either.

Lotty: What I really meant however was Adam. Or John.

Bouncer: Ladies, how about joining the line as everyone else?

Linda I will miss you heaps! Ps Thanks for telling the bouncer at Generous Squire to check my ID (adding “she gets sad if people think that she’s over 20.”)

This week’s song is suitable Alizée with “J’ai Pas Vingt Ans”:


And here is the Benny Benassi remix of same song (love this remix):



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