Clean, Fresh & Sex Crazy Sweden

I have arrived in Sweden . First thing that hit me when I walked off the plane to the luggage area was how clean and modern everything is. It feels great to be able to drink well tasting water straight from the tap. Welcome to clean and fresh Sweden.

Then I walked past a news bill for one of Sweden’s biggest and most sensational newspapers, showing the headline “Caught having sex in Church”, containing  very visual photos of a couple getting arrested by police in a CHURCH. Welcome to liberal and sex crazy Sweden.
My journey to Sweden started with a flight from Perth to Kuala Lumpur. Like last year when I did the same trip, I was seated beside a man who would instantly bother me. He smelt like a bottle of whisky mixed with an ashtray.  This man was not Asian like the legend from my last trip, but he shared the habit of insisting on talking-to-someone-and-not-accepting-they -cannot-understand-you.
The difference was that this man spoke English. Just in a incomprehensible way.
I tried my best being polite, decoding his speech and smiling a little. He responded with a stone face and more bullshit. So lucky was I when the cabin staff handed out headphones. Those were covering my ears the rest of the trip, even when they served dinner. “CHICKEN!!!”,  I must have screamed out when the dinner came. Chicken seems to be the standing alternative for all flight meals, hence I chose this safe card not to risk taking my head phones off.
Even though the head phones were on, I could feel the pain of the air being cut through like a knife from the cries of a choir of babies. I counted 4 babies around me. They were having a “Who can cry loudest and for longest?”-competition. The champ closest to me won.  I think he cried/screamed 90% of the flight. That’s a true winner!
The question people tend to ask you when you get over 25: “Are you ready to have a baby?”should be corrected. 
Babies are cute and have soft, raspberry smelling skin.
It should be:
“Are you ready for some sleep deprivation?”
In the morning, the Champ who deprived me of my sleep, smiled at me. Not a vicious smile. A pure and happy smile. I smiled back (as I’m not a whisky/ashtray stinking stone face). I guess that even if they steal your energy, they have got the talent of giving it back to you.
I am so happy to be in Sweden to enjoy the summer. We barbequed salmon at 9pm yesterday and the sun was shining. That puts a big smile on my face.  
Here is this weekend’s Top 3 list (based on albums listened to at Malaysian Airlines…):
1. Science & Faith, The Script (with lyrics):
2. Rolling in the Deep, Adele:
3. When I’m alone, Lissie:

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